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Corporate summit on women's economic empowerment

A group of major multinational corporations who are now engaged in substantive women’s empowerment programs convene to explore the long term potential to share learning, determine best practices, discuss impact metrics, report findings, maximize resources, and work with multilateral agencies, as a group.  All of the companies are working in one way or another to make the economic activities of women around the world visible and to address how to include them in the global economy.


The private sector plays a central role in global programs to empower women economically, yet also faces a number of constraints that do not affect governments or NGOs.  Further, because each company is situated within a particular industry—retailing, banking, or consumables manufacture, for instance—they affect the economy in different ways and have different core competencies.  By working together, it may be possible to agree a standard set of measures that will be acceptable to multiple stakeholders and potentially universally accepted.  In addition, collaborative work may maximize impact while creating efficiencies.  

Research outputs

For the second meeting of this emerging consortium, the team has agreed to:

  • Review existing definitions of 'women’s economic empowerment' and recommend one to be shared.
  • Review existing theories of change in this domain and recommend one that can account for the full range of inputs, outcomes, and obstacles.
  • Set up an exploration for intensive regional collaboration. 


February 2014 - December 2016