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Frameworks and protocols for supply chain mapping

We want to develop a series of standards and protocols which can shape the development of research globally. This is an exercise which is a necessary pre-cursor to much other research work, but which is unlikely to be funded by conventional sources. In a sense, it can be seen as the development of a series of design standards, which can inform the conduct of future research. 

This initiative will not only shape research globally, but will ensure that Saïd Business School occupies a key position in this global research agenda.


Steve New, Lecturer in Operations Management Saïd Business School
Felix Reed-Tsochas, James Martin Lecturer in Complex Systems Saïd Business School
Tomomi Kito, Research Fellow, CABDyN Complexity Centre  University of Oxford / University of Tokyo


Saïd Business School Foundation Strategic Development Fund


March 2013 - June 2015