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Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation


The Centre carries out research into all aspects of reputation.

We produce academic papers, contribute to journals and business media, and publish case studies, some with teaching notes, as well as producing a termly in-house magazine.

Our work is rooted in the following core themes:

  • Reputation is relational: firms do not own their reputations – these are owned by others. Corporations and institutions can influence this, but they do not control it.
  • Multiple reputations: organisations do not have a single reputation; they  have a reputation for something with someone, which can mean several different, even competing, reputations. There is no single measure of reputation.
  • Reputation intermediaries: reputations are influenced in different ways and to differing degrees by intermediaries, including the media, regulators, ratings agencies and professional advisers.
  • The importance of reputation lies in its signalling power: in the absence of full information, it can create enduring - and distorted - perceptions.