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Symposium 2014

Our fifth annual Reputation Symposium took place at Pembroke College, September 3-5. The areas of research were hugely wide-rangingThe complete programme can be found here and the papers that were presented are listed below.  We also presented two awards: for Best Dissertation 2013 and Best Published Paper 2013 (see Awards).

Measuring Organizational Identity: Taking Stock and Looking Forward.
David A. Whetten, Jack Wheatley Professor of Organizational Studies & Director of the Faculty Development Centre, Brigham Young University.

It’s complicated: The Implications of Government Transparency for Reputation, Accountability and Governance.
Marcia Grimes, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg.
Actors and Strategies of the Bureaucratic Reputation Game.
Lucio Picci, Professor of Economics, University of Bologna.
Corporate Reputation in the Twitterverse
William Rand, Assistant Professor & Director, Centre for Complexity in Business, University of Maryland.
Surviving a Brand Harm Crisis in a Social Media World
Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland T. Rust, Harald van Heerde
Materiality & Identity: How Material Products, Artefacts, and Performative Repertoires Instantiate Organizational Identity
Lee Watkiss, Doctoral Student in Management & Organization, Carroll School of Management, Boston College.
When Threat Spreads: A Cross-level Model of Organizational Identity Threat and Its Consequences on Individual Members
Jennifer L. Petriglieri, Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD.
The Undesired Self: Implications for Identity Threat and Identity Work in Organizations
Kimberly D. Elsbach, Professor of Management, Stephen G. Newberry Chair in Leadership, and Associate Dean for Instruction at the Graduate School of Management, University of California, Davis.
Service Branding: What Drives Brand Equity?
Ming-Hui Huang,  Distinguished Professor of E-Commerce, National Taiwan University.
Predicting Brand Sentiment Using Social Media
Vanitha Swaminathan,Professor of Business Administration and Robert W. Murphy Faculty Fellow in Marketing, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.
Private Orderings: Bankruptcy, Private Law, and Reputation
William Wilhelm, Oren Sussman, Mark Kronfeld
Status, Reputation, and Legitimacy: Social Evaluation as a Driver of Corporate Strategy?
Amanda Moss Cowan, Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation. 
Moving Targets: Dynamic Interaction in Market Contention
Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Assistant Professor at McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University.
Product Publics and the Early Moments of Nascent Markets
Timothy Hannigan, Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.
Partisan Infighting Understood Through Multiple Reputations: Intraparty Factions and Leadership Strategies in the US House of Representatives
Jonathan MacKay, Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.
The Field of Online Journalism: a Study of the Legitimizing Practices of Online News Organizations
Gillian Brooks, eni Research Associate, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.