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Symposium 2013

The fourth annual Reputation Symposium was held at Corpus Christi College from 4 to 6 September 2013. On the first evening, we presented two awards for work in 2012: Best Published Paper went to Jean-Philippe Vergne, Assistant Professor of Strategy, Ivey Business School, Western University. His paper, 'Stigmatized categories and public disapproval of organizations: A mixed-methods study of the global arms industry, 1996-2007' was published in the Academy of Management Journal (2012), 55(5), 1027-52. The winner of our award for Best Dissertation was Anastasiya Zavyalova for 'The benefits and burdens of high reputation during disruptions: The role of media reputation, organizational identification, and disruption type'.

The event was chaired for the last time by our Visiting Professor, David Whetten, Jack Wheatley Professor of Organisational Studies at Brigham Young University, who has now stood down from the role. At a dinner attended by many of the Centre's International Research Fellows, we took the opportunity to thank him for the years of expert guidance and scholastic leadership he has given us.

Over the course of three days, an impressive breadth of theoretical and methodological ground was covered: from research taboos to multi-dimensionality. The programme can be found here and the papers that were presented are listed below. The presentations from the Round Table discussion that took place on the final day were published in the Socio-Economic Review, Spring 2014 issue. Our thanks to the event's organisers: Alan Morrison (Saïd  Business School, University of Oxford), Mike Pfarrer (Terry College of Business, University of Georgia), Cynthia Devers (Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University), Gregory Jackson (Freie Universit Berlin), and William Wilhelm (McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia).  

The following papers were featured and discussed:

Very Bad Things or Business as Usual? Stakeholder Attributions and Reputational Penalties in Light of Corporate Irresponsibility 
Stephen Brammer, Professor of Strategy, Warwick Business School

Reputations in Conflict: Examining the Roles of a Firm's Multiple Reputation in Managing a Negative Expectancy Violation
Jonathan Bundy, Doctoral Candidate, Management Department, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

Managing Reputation with Litigation: Why Legal Sanctions Can Work Better Than Market Sanctions
Albert Choi, Albert C. BeVier Research Professor, University of Virginia School of Law

Cases and Experiments: Strategic Communication Contributions to Crisis-Related Reputation Repair
W. Timothy Coombs, Professor, Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida and Lund University, Helsingborg Campus

Corporate Reputation For Social and Environmental Responsibility: Recent Insights, Future Directions and a Promising Path
Jonathan P. Doh, Rammrath Chair in International Business, Faculty Director, Center for Global Leadership, Villanova University

The Impact of Firm Reputation and CEO Incentives on Acquisition Activity
Daniel Gamache, PhD Candidate, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University

Anticipatory Impression Management 
Scott D. Graffin, Associate Professor, University of Georgia

Legitimacy-As-Feeling: How Affect Leads to Vertical Legitimacy Spillovers in Transnational Governance
Patrick Haack, Oberassistent (Assistant Professor), University of Zurich, Department of Business Administration

The Interactions of Corporate Reputation Within a Management Consulting Firm
William S. Harvey, Senior Lecturer in the Business School,  University of Exeter

A Social Judgment Perspective on How Performance Outcomes Influence Corporate Reputation
Geoffrey E. Love, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois

From Bankers Trust to Goldman Sachs: The Demise of Market Discipline for Breaches of Trust
Jonathan Macey, Sam Harris Professor of Corporate Law, Securities Law & Corporate Finance, Yale Law School

Market Structure, Reputation and the Value of Quality Certification
Brian McManus, Associate Professor of Economics, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Contract Law Minimalism: A Formalist Restatement of Commercial Contract Law
Jonathan Morgan, University Lecturer in Tort Law, University of Cambridge

Taboo Topics
Gerardo Okhuysen, Professor, Organizational Behavior, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

Only Another Way Station: Status Allocation in Electronic Networks of Practice
Sarah M. G. Otner, Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

Signaling Environmental Stewardship in the Shadow of Weak Governance: The Global Diffusion of ISO 14001
Aseem Prakash, Professor, Department of Political Science; Walker Family Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle

Multinational Enterprises Exposed: How Host Country Institutions Influence Corporate Social Responsibility Adoption
Nikolas Rathert, PhD Student, Department of Management,  Freie Universitaet, Berlin

The Co-Construction of Organizational Identities: Organizational Identity Work and Resource Acquisition in Non-Profit Organisations
Davide Ravasi, Professor of Management, Cass Business School, City University of London

Creating Skeptics or Believers: The Reputational Consequences of Social and Environmental Signaling
Jenna P. Stites, PhD Student, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University

Asset Divestment as a Response to Media Attacks in Stigmatized Industries
Jean-Philippe Vergne, Assistant Professor of Strategy, Ivey Business School, Western University

Investment-Banking Relationships: 1933-2007
William J. Wilhelm, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia

Benefit or Burden? The Joint Effects of Organizational Identification and Reputation on Stakeholder Support Following Negative Events
Anastasiya Zavyalova, Assistant Professor, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University