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Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

Reputation Symposium 2011

Taking stock and charting new directions in reputation research


The Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation held its second annual symposium from the 15-17 September 2011. The Centre welcomed its International Research Fellows and invited guests to Exeter College for two and a half days discussion on the overall theme "Taking stock and charting new directions in reputation research". Many of the Centre's corporate Visiting Fellow's and alumni also joined for the symposium opening dinner held in Exeter's magnificent dining hall. The Centre for Corporate Reputation Annual Award winners were also announced during the symposium.

Reputation Symposium - Session Summary

Symposium Opening Presentation
By David Whetten

A Multidimensional Perspective on Organizational Reputation
By Don Lange, Peggy M. Lee, Ye Dai

Reputation in the Western World
By Ronald S. Burt

Industry and Corporate Reputation
By Alex Zablah, Sabrina Helm, Peter Dacin, Tom Brown

A Decade or so of Credit Rating Agency Research
By Frank Partnoy

Building Reputation through Positive Organizational Practices
By Kim Cameron

A Theorist's View of Organizational Reputation Scholarship
By David Whetten














The Reputational Risks of Sudden and Unpredicted Moralizations of Corporate Decisions
By Maria Joutsenvirta, Guido Palazzo

The Impact of FCPA Enforcement
By Jonathan Karpoff

Marks of Distinction, Reputation and Identity in the U.S. Children's Hospital Field
By Brayden King

A Configurational Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Irresponsibility among U.S. Listed Firms (abstract only)
By Gregory Jackson
The presentation is available on request, please click here to request a copy.

The Impact of Corporate Ethics and Corporate Citizenship on Corporate Reputation and Customer Equity
By Roland Rust

Predictors of Organizational Identification with Low-Prestige Organizations: a Study of NASCAR Fans (abstract only)
By Kimberly Elsbach, Daniel Cable

Industry Halo Effect and Tarred with the Same Brush: Assessing the Impact of Competitors' Reputation
By Urs Daellenbach, Harrie Vredenburg

Reputationally Challenged: A Review of Business History Literature (abstract only)
By Christopher Kobrak

When Banks Back "Lemons": Measuring the Loss of a Bank's Reputation on its Borrowers
By Ken Okamura

External Strategy Communications
By Basak Yakis-Douglas, Richard Whittington

Preservation of Value, Conflicts of Interests and Reputation in Bankruptcy: The Case of the UK Pre-Packs
By Andrea Polo

The Role of Reputation in Reputation
By Sunyoung Lee, Mike Barnett

Fiduciary Responsibility, "Star" Cultures, and Reputation
By Zhaohui Chen, Alan Morrison, Bill Wilhelm

A Tale of Two Assets: The Effects of Firm Reputation and Celebrity on Earnings Surprises and Investors' Reactions
By Michael Pfarrer, Timothy Pollock, Violina Rindova