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Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

Reputation Symposium 2010

Charting the Landscape of Reputation

From 15 to 17 September 2010, international reputation experts gathered at Jesus College Oxford for the Centre for Corporate Reputation's inaugural symposium. The Centre welcomed its International Research Fellows, Visiting Fellows and contributors to the Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation

To launch the event, guests attended dinner at the Divinity School in Oxford where the winners of the Centre's Annual Award for Best Paper were announced. Academic discussion of the Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation took place at Jesus College.

Session Summary

Making sense of the grab bag of concepts: The interplay amongst image, identity, legitimacy and reputation.
Peter Foreman, David A Whetten and Alison Mackey


On Being Bad: Why stigma is not the same as a bad reputation
Yuri Mishina and Cynthia E. Devers

Show me the money? Perceptions, rankings and other ingredients that make reputation an intangible asset
Violina Rindova and Luis Martins


Executive Reputation; Reviewing and developing a nascent construct
Scott Graffin, Michael Pfarrer and Michael Hill


Industry self-regulation as a solution to reputation commons: a case of the New York Clearing House Association
Lori Qingyuan Yue and Paul Ingram


A labour of love? Understanding reputation formation within the labour market
By Dr Will Harvey and Professor Tim Morris.


Strategic Disclosure: Managing corporate reputation by bringing strategy to the fore
Basak Yakis-Douglas and Richard Whittington


After the fall: A behavioural theory of reputation repair
Mooweon Rhee & Tohyun Kim


Reputation and the Invisible Hand:  A Review of Empirical Research
Jonathan Karpoff


Getting Started: Building reputation for young entrepreneurial firms
Antoaneta P. Petkova


Managing Organisational Reputations: The roles context and character
Professor Kimberly D Elsbach


How reputation regulates regulators: Illustrations from the regulation of retail finance
Sharon Gilad and Tamar Yogev


Balancing reputation and regulation: Cross-country comparisons
Professor Gregory Jackson and Professor Stephen Brammer


The Importance of Reputation in Markets: Towards an integration of role and reputation theory
Michael Jensen, Heeyon Kim and Bo Kyung Kim