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2015 award winners

The Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation has made its annual award for Best Published Paper. No Best Dissertation prize was awarded this year.

The award for Best Published Paper went to Michael K. Bednar, Matthew Kraatz and E. Geoffrey Love for 'Paying the price? The impact of controversial governance practices on managerial reputation' (Academy of Management Journal 58 (6): 1740-60). The paper examines the reputational penalties that managers pay when they engage in controversial practices that raise questions about managerial self-interest. The authors write:

'Unlike prior research in this vein, we account for the fact that reputational penalties associated with such practices may differ across audiences because of differences in interpretations of the practice and differences in causal attributions about its use. Specifically, we develop a theory to explain how and when stock analysts and peer executives applied reputational penalties to managers when firms used a poison pill, a prominent anti-takeover device.'