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2013 award winners

The Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation has made its annual awards for Best Published Paper and Best Dissertation.

The award for Best Dissertation went to Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Assistant Professor at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, for her research into the strategic responses of the organizational targets of contentious social movement attacks. Mary-Hunter McDonnell writes: 'I see the primary value of this dissertation as offering a new vantage on market contention: the social movement equivalent of an opposition study. By refocusing the lens of social movement theory onto the (re)actions of anti-corporate movements’ organizational targets – thus merging the social movements literature with those of organizational theory and strategy – I hope to foster a more complete picture of the dynamic social and political processes that determine the disparate organizational behaviors provoked by market contention. In unpacking this broader research question, I am interested in uncovering evidence that i) targets do respond to social movement attacks in systematic ways, and ii) these systematic responses are shaped by, and in turn shape, the targets’ social behaviors and non-market strategy.'

The award for Best Published Paper went to Scott D Graffin, Jonathan Bundy, Joseph F Porac, James B Wade and Dennis P Quinn for 'Falls from grace and the hazards of high status: The 2009 British MP expense scandal and its impact on Parliamentary elites'. The paper analyses the different outcomes for MPs of different status who were caught up in the scandal, and the role played by media coverage. It was published in Administrative Science Quarterly, August 2013.