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Welcome to Talking Professions, our series of interviews with leading academics and practitioners from the professionals services world.


Roya Ghafele on intellectual property law

IP law and its future in a global economy
Associate fellow Dr Roya Ghafele, director of, in conversation with the PSF Centre on intellectual property law and its function, and potential value, in the modern business world.

Arne Kalleberg on precarious employment

Good jobs & bad jobs in today's economy
Arne Kalleberg, renowned sociologist at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), talks to the PSF Centre about his research into the 'sociology of work' and the increasing 'precarity' of jobs in today's economy.

Hussain and Caine on corporate fraud

Fraud - the problems in detection and prevention
Maryam Hussain and Steve Caine, fraud investigators at EY, in conversation with the PSF Centre on the topic of corporate fraud and, how to detect and prevent it.

Clifford Winston on deregulating lawyers

How to drive competition and bring down costs
Clifford Winston, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, makes his case for deregulation of lawyers as they key to increasing competitiveness and decreasing costs.

Matt Todd on protecting innovation with IP law

Intellectual property law as a motor of innovation
Matt Todd, Partner at Novak Druce Connolly Bove + Quigg LLP, on the value of intellectual property law in protecting and enabling innovation.

Carlos Rosario on additive manufacturing

An intellectual property law minefield?
IP law attorney Carlos Rosario on the challenges posed to IP law by the rise of 3D printing and other forms of additive manufacturing.

Harris Irfan on Islamic finance

How religious ethics can guide financial practice
Harris Irfan, Managing Director of European Islamic Investment Bank and Partner at Cordoba Capital, on the new and exciting challenges of Islamic finance.