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Jackson Programme is part of the Oxford Saïd Finance Lab and is open to Oxford University students, in their second year of study onwards, with no requirement of an economics of financial background.

The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab leads the effort of University of Oxford to connect theory with practice, preparing our students for investment banking, private equity and asset management Analyst and Associate roles.

What is Oxford Saïd Finance Lab?

Practitioner Led:  The Finance Lab is a tailored financial graduate training programme.  It is led by seasoned practitioners with many years of transaction and market experience.  It is respected and participated in by financial services recruiters and senior finance professionals from many global institutions. 

Build and Use Core Tools:  At its core are a series of models that are used to evaluate and appraise situations from the real world.  You will leave with a toolkit to tackle financial problems ranging from valuations to leveraged buyouts or M&A transactions and, more importantly, the knowledge of which, if any, tools to use and when.

Experiential Learning:   The Finance Lab is in addition to a student’s programme of study and is not taught for credit.  Students are expected and required to actively participate in experiential workshops and seminars using real-life case studies working alongside a number of banking firms and funds.  Students apply theory-based learning from the core programme and combine it with practical training relevant to both the interview processes and the jobs that participants are seeking after Oxford.  You need to be able to make a decision and be prepared to justify it in front of your peers and experienced professionals.

The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab therefore offers students the opportunity to understand key concepts, processes, instruments and models that are required to be successful in financial services.


The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab provides students with a strong understanding of the main theoretical concepts, instruments and models required to be successful in their finance courses and electives as well as interviews with banks and funds, and ultimately their future careers in the financial services.

It is intended to be very tough and we aim to have a safe environment for students to learn from failing.  You will not learn all the answers, but you will learn many of the questions and some of the behaviours that will stand you in good stead in the future


The Finance Lab is not for all students and assumes a level of commitment, knowledge and basic skill.  All accepted applicants must pass two online courses in order to enter the programme:  Excel modelling and accounting.


Each session consists of two hours of discussion, plus a case study with a bank or fund. After each session there may be a networking event and sometimes a recruitment opportunity with the invited bank or fund. 

More information about the challenges

Focusing on three fundamental elements, theory based learning, real-life challenges and networking, you will acquire the knowledge and execution skills required for entry into investment banking positions in: M&A, Leverage Finance, Project and Infrastructure Finance, Distress and Restructuring, Valuation, Equity Research, Capital Markets, Asset Management and Private Equity.

How to Apply

The application process for 2018-19 has now closed. The applications for the 19-20 programme will be opening in Spring 2019. 


If you have any questions please email