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Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme

The valuation of a company, asset or investment is a vital factor in many decisions. These include selling off part of a family firm, privatising a national industry, raising finance for an infrastructure project, or deciding where to invest a pension or private equity fund. Common techniques (Comparables, DCF, IRR methods) can provide a guide to a figure, but are often imperfect when applied to real transactions.

The University of Oxford‘s Saïd Business School and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business have joined forces to provide this unique executive programme. The programme aimes to teach, apply and discuss corporate and investment valuation techniques for a variety of asset classes including private equity, growth capital, infrastructure and distressed transactions. The programme combines and compares approaches from both sides of the Atlantic, and goes beyond the basic models to apply them to complex real life transactions.

The programme discusses financing structures that affect corporate and investment valuation, and provides a series of snapshots and solutions to the challenges presented by complex cases such as IPO, LBO, Venture Capital, Distress, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Growth Capital.

Core concepts are delivered by leading professors from the top schools in finance, and example transactions are presented by the industry leaders who executed them. Panel discussions over dinner provide an intimate opportunity to direct questions to a selection of finance leaders. This one-week programme provides a wealth of experience, with students learning as part of a senior level group from around the world discussing and debating different approaches and experiences. An array of industry leaders will join Oxford and Chicago professors in the most qualified and experienced teaching panel on valuation.

More information on the programme and details on how to apply.


Oxford Private Equity Programme

Private equity continues to attract new capital due to the ability to generate returns, despite high competition for quality investments. This prestigious executive programme provides a deep understanding of the private equity industry, with access to world class research, the renowned Oxford University faculty and unrivalled business networks.

The Oxford Private Equity Programme offers a comprehensive framework for assessing the future prospects for this key sector after the credit crisis and increased regulatory attention. Students gain a firm grounding of the industry structures and business models, and an insight into current and likely future developments. 

The programme discusses:

  • Private equity as an asset class in a larger portfolio
  • Sources of value creation by private equity funds
  • The incentives driving key players in the industry
  • Fund selection and assessment of fund performance
  • Leveraged buyouts and structuring of investments
  • Exit routes

The programme combines the rigour of one of the world’s most prestigious universities with insights from globally recognised practitioners and advisors to private equity investors. Participants learn as part of an experienced group of finance professionals from around the globe, and develop their ongoing network as part of the Oxford Business Alumni.

More information on the programme and details on how to apply.


Oxford Real Estate Programme

By some measures, real estate constitutes over 50% of the world's assets. Real estate is an asset class commonly found in the investment portfolios of global investors and the balance sheets of large corporations. Over 70% of bank borrowing is secured against real estate assets. Housing is a fundamental human need, and is the key component of household wealth. Commercial real estate is a vital factor of production, and the development of real estate assets is crucial in the economic emergence of a nation.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, an understanding of real estate is vital for professionals, investors and policy makers worldwide.

This programme has been designed to develop a strategic view of the current challenges and opportunities facing real estate investment and development based on a deep analysis of current issues facing the sector. Bringing together a range of experienced professionals from all over the world, it explores how to build a real estate enterprise in the current climate, and how to make it resilient enough to withstand the changes that it will face in the future.

This programme provides students with the unique opportunity to :

  • Step away from day-to-day business to assess how your knowledge and strategy fits and compares to best practice from around the globe
  • Contribute strategically to your organisation
  • Add value to your industry
  • Consider how to develop your career in the best interest of you and your employers

During an intense four-day programme students will work with peers and professionals from around the world to analyse real estate investment propositions and to develop your own proposal for a new business or fund.

More information on the programme and details on how to apply.