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The Private Equity Institute at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford was founded in 2009 to provide a forum to promote research, education, and networking in private equity. Oxford Saïd ran its first private equity elective in 2000 and introduced the Private Equity Forum in 2006. Together with the Oxford Saïd Finance Lab which began in 2012 and two leading global executive education programmes, the Private Equity Programme and the Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme, the Private Equity Institute offers unprecedented access to top private equity practitioners and research.

The Institute maintains an authoritative, independent and unbiased perspective on the private equity industry, aiming for the highest standard of academic integrity associated with the University of Oxford. Our research often involves working closely with industry practitioners and is aimed at the top peer-reviewed academic journals as well as more policy and practice-oriented publications.

We produce research that is equally important to investors (Limited Partners, or LPs, in funds), private equity fund managers (General Partners, or GPs), advisors, banks, and companies, as well as entrepreneurs attracting the attention of private equity funds.

Our expertise is reflected in both our programmes for students and in our executive courses for professionals around the world. We connect theory with practice, developing courses and case studies with leading practitioners.

In addition to research and education, the Institute encourages and supports a number of network initiatives, including the Private Equity Forum, Oxford Chicago Discussions, Bridgepoint Private Equity Challenge, Centerview M & A Challenge, Hermes GPE Private Markets Challenge, Patron Capital Real Estate Investment Challenge, Rothschild Global Advisory Challenge and the Oxford Chicago Global Private Equity Challenge. Through these events, the Institute fosters the exchange of views between academics, students, alumni, and professionals.




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The Finance Group comprises of over 20 members, conducting world-class research in all areas of asset pricing and corporate finance.