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What is Oxford Saïd Finance Lab?

The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab, a joint venture between the Private Equity Institute, the finance faculty, the programme office and the Careers Centre, is a tailored financial graduate training programme which is highly respected by financial services recruiters and senior finance professionals.

Students have the opportunity to take part in the Lab in addition to their programme of study. The Lab is a series of practical workshops on financial modelling and real-life case studies working alongside a number of banking firms and funds. Each workshop is followed by a networking opportunity with company representatives. Students apply theory-based learning from the programme and combine it with practical training.

Held in Michaelmas and Hilary terms, the Oxford Saïd Finance Lab offers students the opportunity to understand key concepts, instruments and models required for finance courses, elective and interviews. Students gain the skills required to develop a financial model following a step-by-step methodology connecting business plans with financial statements, financial structure, valuation, risks and investment returns.


For students looking to progress their careers in investment banking and private equity, the Oxford Saïd Finance Lab is one of the undisputed highlights. This extracurricular course is designed specifically to give students the advantage of practical training, as well as essential networking and recruitment opportunities.

The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab provides students with a strong understanding of the main theoretical concepts, instruments and models required to be successful in their finance courses and electives, interviews with banks and funds, and ultimately their future careers in the financial services. The students learn how to develop a financial model, gain awareness of the methodology involved in connecting business plan assumptions with the financial statement, and understand the risks and returns of investments. The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab leads the effort of University of Oxford to connect theory with practice, preparing our students for investment banking, private equity and asset management analyst roles.


Oxford Saïd Finance Lab prepares students to break into investment banking, private equity and asset management

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Oxford Saïd Finance Lab Syllabus