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OSFL Applications: FAQs

Please see responses to frequently asked questions below. If you still require assistance, please contact

I scored less than 75% on my WSP tests – what should I do?

Although Wall Street Prep set the pass rate at 75%, the scores will not automatically preclude/include you from being considered for the Lab. The scores are considered alongside application form and CV and help our course leader get a better understanding of how you will handle the course material. 

I need an extension to the deadline

The timetable is quite tight as we have to respond to students by 7 September to confirm whether they’ve been accepted, and then we have less than two weeks to confirm all of the details before the Lab starts on 19 September. We therefore would not be able to grant an extension to the deadline.

You are only required to complete the exams in order to apply, so if you have previous experience in finance you may not need to look at all of the course material and practice tests. It might be worth taking a look at the first one and seeing how you go.  

I submitted my CV in the incorrect format. Should I submit a new application?

You do not need to submit a new application.  Please email your correct CV to and it will be added to your application.

I haven’t submitted my application yet. Is it still worth applying?

We do not intend to fill the class until after applications close on 31 August, so please do submit an application. You can find more details on the Lab and how to apply on our website.

I think I have completed all of the requirements for my application. When will I hear back?

We have a high volume of applications to process, so although we are hoping to get back to applicants as soon as possible, we do not guarantee a response until after applications close on 31 August.

Wall Street Prep technical problems

We are not able to assist with technical problems on Wall Street Prep, so you will need to contact them directly.  f you scroll down to the bottom of the page on their website there is a ‘Support/Contact’ link where you can contact WSP for technical support.  

I’m an undergraduate/MPhil/DPhil student. May I apply for the Finance Lab?

The Jackson Programme part of the course is open to all University of Oxford students. Undergraduates are prioritised, but we will put all other students on a waitlist. Students on the Jackson Programme do not need to complete the Wall Street Prep, but the course may be helpful in preparing for the material covered in the Lab.  

Jackson Programme students have access to all of the same cases and networking events, but the taught part of the course is on different days.