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New book on organisational change in health care

60% of all healthcare change efforts fail, 80% if they involve an IT system. Why do such efforts stall so spectacularly? In their new book Challenging Perspectives on Organizational Change in Health CareLouise Fitzgerald, Visiting Professor of Organisational Behaviour and co-author Aoife McDermott (Cardiff University), examine the 'transformational change' movement in healthcare and find it lacking.

Louise and Aoife take the favourite buzzwords of management consultants - 'innovation' and 'change' - and turn them on their head. What the book advocates are the more consistent efforts of something they call 'accumulative change processes' that build on existing systems rather than disrupting or destroying them. Especially in the health care context, this can be facilitated by better inter-professional collaboration and problem-solving. Similarly, capacity for change has been too long ignored, as has understanding the relationship between actors and context.

To find out more about the book and to take advantage of a 20% discount when buying online (using the code FLR40 at checkout), visit the publisher's webpage.


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Professor Louise Fitzgerald is Visiting Professor, (Organisational Change) at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford & Emeritus Professor, De Montfort University, Leicester. She has a PhD; BA (Econ.) Hons.; and Dip. in Personnel Management.
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