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"The biggest investment boom in history"

Megaprojects are increasingly important for solving the problems of the twenty-first century. Large-scale investment in infrastructure and health has been singled out as an important means for preventing a global recession, and many of the toughest environmental challenges - from developing carbon-neutral fuels to preventing floods caused by climate change - are conceived as megaprojects.  So are the enterprise ICT systems used to run businesses that are ever more global in scope.

Spending on infrastructure is the largest it has ever been as a share of world GDP, prompting The Economist to call it "the biggest investment boom in history". For the first time, emerging economies recently overtook developed nations as the biggest spenders.

Megaproject Management at Saïd Business School is Oxford University's research and teaching programme dedicated to pioneering ways of understanding and dealing with these new challenges and helping business, government and civil society meet and overcome them. With so much riding on the success of megaprojects internationally, their overall quality and ability to deliver is more important than ever.

The Programme carries out an agenda of leading-edge and multi-disciplinary research on megaproject management, bringing together expertise in business, policy, engineering, computer science, economics, law, planning, environment and more. The Programme brings together scholars and eminent practitioners from the global business community and government. 

As well as carrying out research in this field, the Programme has developed a ground-breaking teaching agenda which leads to an MSc in Major Programme Management, the first of its kind in the world. The Programme also delivers executive education, tailor-made for corporate and government clients.

The Programme has created a community of knowledge for best practice, through its research publications, conferences, seminars, workshops and interactions with practitioners and the public; all focused on the theme of megaproject management. It emphasises effective communication of this knowledge to business, government and the public.

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Saïd Business School is the home of the world’s leading research programme focussed on megaprojects.


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