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Marketing is taught as part of the Oxford MBA and on the Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme, an executive education course.

The Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme

Designed for senior executives with a responsibility for marketing, this five-day programme is structured around the very latest research from Oxford and draws on real-world business experience to investigate the ‘post-digital age’ where digital marketing is just marketing.

The programme focuses on contemporary and future-oriented strategic marketing issues, investigating how to turn individual challenges into value-creation opportunities. By considering both established and new marketing principles, participants will emerge with a unique, fresh perspective on how their own strategies can be updated and enhanced. 

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MBA Core

The MBA core Marketing course for the 2016-2017 academic year will be led by Andrew Stephen, who will teach this with Cammy Crolic and Rhonda Hadi. This course focuses on equipping students with a perspective on marketing that is technology focused, customer centric, and value driven. We focus heavily on strategic aspects of marketing, and coursework requires students to apply learnings to relevant, real-world challenges.

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MBA Electives

The elective offering is designed to reflect the current and future needs of organisations, and the role to be played by marketing within those organisations. These electives provide students with an opportunity to take a deeper dive on issues of interest to them, and to develop more advanced knowledge and skillsets.

Digital and Social Media Strategy, Professor Andrew Stephen

This elective focuses on the digital marketing landscape and how firms can build sustainable, value-driving strategies that leverage digital technologies and harness the power of social media platforms. Marketing applications of digital and social media are covered, as well as how these technologies can be used to open up new opportunities for creating value for firms and customers in non-marketing aspects of business (eg service management, innovation processes).

Digital Transformation of Marketing, Media, and Advertising: New York Field Trip, Professor Andrew Stephen & Dr. Rhonda Hadi

The intersecting industries of marketing, media, and advertising have been revolutionized by technology, from the 'always connected' consumer on social media to big data to algorithm-driven real-time digital advertising buying. Given the importance of these industries and the business functions they represent, the digital transformation in these industries touches all facets of business. This elective, offered over four days during the break between Michaelmas and Hilary terms, takes students to New York City, the heart of the global marketing, media, and advertising industries. This allows students to learn directly about digital transformation of these industries from senior executives and industry leaders in some of the world’s leading companies. This is an immersive experience involving company visits and real-life case studies. In 2016, companies visited on this course included FCB, Interbrand, L’Oréal, Mashable, The New York Times, and WPP.

Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Marketing, Professor Andrew Stephen

As customer experiences become increasingly digitized, marketers have access to unprecedented amounts of data from a wide array of sources (e.g., social media, mobile apps, websites, stores). How can managers make use of 'big data' in marketing in a way that helps them make better decisions? This course will introduce students to data-driven marketing decision making and the world of marketing data science. The focus will be on how to build statistical models that can generate actionable insights using marketing and customer data. Students will learn about the latest approaches to data science that are used by companies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Necessarily, in this course students will 'get their hands dirty' by using software to analyze marketing/customer data. This course, however, is for students at all levels, not just those with a quantitative background.

Branding in a Digital Marketplace, Dr Gillian Brooks and Dr Cammy Crolic

This course examines the dynamic and constantly changing world of branding, with a particular emphasis on building winning branding strategies in a contemporary market setting where consumers are digitally enabled and socially connected. Students will learn how to build strategic branding campaigns, what brand equity is and how it contributes to firm value, how to conduct brand audits, how to identify and implement principles of influence and persuasion, and create and grow their personal brand online. Emphasis will be placed on major trends and developments in the creation and maintenance of brand value.

Strategic Consumer Insights (new elective),  Dr Rhonda Hadi

This course focuses on consumers and all facets of how marketers can create value for consumers through products, services, and experiences. Using consumer psychology and research principles, students will learn how to assess and understand consumers’ needs and then use these insights to develop value-driving, customer-centric marketing strategies.

Global Marketing Management, Dr Kunal Basu

This course focuses on six key aspects of a company's global marketing: expansion, adaptation, integration, innovation, identity and responsibility. Extensive use of cases brings alive the challenges inherent within each, as well as relevant frameworks for decision making

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