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Marketing is a critical part of any firm, large or small, for profit or not for profit. The primary responsibility of marketing is to drive demand for a firm’s products and services by acquiring, serving, and retaining customers over time. In doing so, marketing activities can be a major source of long-term value for firms and, critically, for customers as well. Although these fundamentals continue to hold true, the scope and nature of marketing has been changing rapidly in recent years. Today’s business leaders face a very transformed marketing landscape, and we have seen nothing short of a technological revolution in marketing that shows no signs of slowing.

Our research mission at Oxford Saïd is to help businesses understand and navigate these changes. The team is conducting influential and cutting-edge applied scientific research that sits at the intersection of marketing and technology. We tackle world-scale problems, and aim to shed an independent scientific light on the challenges marketers are facing due to digital transformation and new technologies. Critically, this research is informed by and informs real-world marketing practice. Examples of our recent and ongoing future-focused, data- driven research:

  • Understanding how social media and traditional media work together to affect customer engagement and sales
  • Identifying unintended consequences for brands, good and bad, of using in influencer-based word-of-mouth marketing campaigns
  • Developing new ways for marketers to use online communities and social platforms for ‘crowdsourcing’ ideas and product innovations from customers
  • Working out which types of mobile ads work, for which types of products, and why
  • Helping brands do a better job with their social media content by understanding how certain content characteristics affect engagement on platforms such as Facebook
  • Studying how using social media affects consumers psychologically, and how this relates to the ways in which they make decisions – and shop – during and after spending time on social media
Research projects

Academics are engaged in new research projects ranging from tax policies, social innovation in health care, to Global Cyber Security. 

How do you successfully carry out marketing in a technology-driven world?