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Insights from Research

What is it all about?

Saïd Business School focuses on ideas: how businesses behave, what makes them successful, implementation of regulation, how the business environment is changing and likely to develop in the future.
Insights from Research organically came about as a way to promote ideas happening at SBS to connect with our greater non-academic community, while also offering links to original research publications and posters for anyone who wants to learn more.

Rules of the game

Where we study, research and teach the rules of the game - business skills needed to operate in the world today. How to apply this knowledge and skills.

Changing the game

Our special brand of entrepreneurship changing the game. We study and teach how innovations can improve, how businesses and governments develop strategies.

Mapping the future

Initiatives that draw together our community and resources to tackle world-scale issues which alter the business world and impact on regulators and policies.