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Health at Saïd Business School network is composed of scholars from diverse academic backgrounds: marketing, organisation and management science, finance, intellectual property, entrepreneurship and innovation, public health, complexity sciences, health services research, human resources management, strategic management and operations management.

Each of us has research interests, teaching or consultancy posts in health care, ranging from the public sector, NHS and related institutions to the private and non-profit sector. Together, we are a significant resource in the exploration of the 'business' of health care for the whole University.

Health care is not just medical care, but a complex system of interacting organizations that individually and together require management. Knowing how they work, why they work and how to improve them when they go wrong is a crucial part of any research or practice agenda in health care. Health at Saïd is a locus through which the internationally renowned expertise of the Saïd Business School can be applied to health care problems. We strive to bring a multidisciplinary approach to health care that fosters a vibrant and applied research agenda that is readily accessible to colleagues from around the University.