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Circadian has produced a standalone product named Quill, which offers online fraud protection utilising machine learning to assess over 200 data points of passive biometric data, such as keystroke analysis and geo-positional data, to help companies better protect customer accounts and personal data.

The team is currently led by Oxford graduate Donal Carville (M.Eng, Oxon in Engineering, Economics & Management).

Circadian received investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in July 2017.

Sanctum Technologies is the leader in adaptive noise cancellation ​hardware for commercial aircrafts. Coming out of the world renowned Entrepreneur First technical pre-seed program, and now working with the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in Southampton, Sanctum is among the first to develop noise cancellation tech for dedicated spaces. 

The venture was cofounded by Frank Collings, serial entrepreneur and Oxford alumnus, and Onur Aydogan, physicist previously at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, working on the Dark Matter project.

Sanctum Technologies received investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in July 2017. 

BioMe Oxford Ltd are developing a small ingestible gut sampling device, created to solve a previously unmet clinical need: being able to sample targeted locations within the human gut. The device can be used by medical 

and research doctors to monitor and fully understand the impact that specific populations of gut bacteria have on our health and wellbeing. The BioMe Oxford founding team is made up of six scientists, five of whom are DPhil candidates at the University of Oxford.

BioMe Oxford received investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in August 2016

UPROSA is a premium consumer goods business and producer of UPROSAimages, an image-licensing platform that aims to provide a 'one-stop shop' for scientific imagery by consolidating, connecting and 

commercialising thousands of loosely managed image banks, creating a 'Getty Images' for science. The platform will enable scientists, research organisations and funding bodies to commercialise a by-product of their work (images) without entirely forfeiting their intellectual property.

UPROSA received investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in August 2016.

GO1 is an e-learning management system for businesses, governments and universities. 

GO1 provides organisations with a simple and effective software platform for training their staff, students, volunteers and other affiliates. Organisations can easily customise their training and development programmes, and add features such as videos, chat rooms, forums and quizzes. In this way, they can provide user-friendly building-blocks that help trasform existing, outdated software or paper-based training systems into sophisticated training platforms that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

GO1 received investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in January 2016.

Car Quids is an online platform that connects private car owners with advertisers, enabling brands to advertise on personal vehicles across the country. Drivers agree to have branded decals applied to the panels of their cars, turning them into valuable advertising space in return for a monthly fee. 

Car Quids addresses a currently underserved market: smaller businesses who want to advertise their businesses locally and regionally as well as large brands who can achieve a large share of voice at a lower cost than traditionally possible

Car Quids received investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in September 2015. 


Moodoo is a collaborative social planning app, which provides a fun way for friends to instantly plan and coordinate spontaneous gatherings and to discover great local options to hang out somewhere that suits their mood. The unified interface means users chat, search, discover, and coordinate all in the same window to make the process intuitive and enjoyable. The concept is new, but it captures a few growing trends in consumer technology with local and social search and richer means of communication.

Moodoo received a £20k investment from the Oxford Seed Fund in August 2015. Two of Moodoo's Co-Founders, Lucy and Arjun Gadkari, are University of Oxford graduates.


Massolit is an online education provider specialising in the teaching of humanities in schools.

Massolit is an online education provider specialising in the teaching of humanities in schools. Massolit produces high quality videos used by students both at home and in school, and currently has almost 1,000 lectures online to choose from. The firm sells licenses to schools in the UK and internationally, and 60 schools currently make use of the product. The venture received £25,000 from the Oxford Saïd Seed Fund in September 2014.

Massolit's Founder, Chris Tudor, is an alumnus of the University of Oxford.


Tigmus is an innovative pledge-based system for booking music gigs and concerts. Standing for ‘This is Good (‘TIG’) Music’, the Tigmus system allows artists and fans to create a gig, and set a funding target, location and date.  Fans can ‘Tig’ the artist they want to see, and when the target is reached, money is collected via Tigmus and the event takes place. 

The Tigmus model effectively turns the current gig/concert booking system on its head, cutting out booking agents and promoters. This means a better deal for fans, who can engage directly with artists, and a better deal financially for the artists themselves. 

Both Co-Founders (Tom Hodgson and Oli Steadman) are members of the popular British indie-folk band Stornoway


ACE (Analyst Consensus Estimates) offers a digital platform that delivers proprietary information about market expectations for publicly traded companies. Investment analysts provide forecasts via bespoke templates on the ACE platform; the process is efficient, consistent and transparent. 

Information is collated and the outputs ACE delivers include high quality data sets of market expectations, allowing publicly traded companies to better track and increase the transparency of equity analyst projections on their firm.

The company, founded by Oxford D.Phil Alex Money, has started generating revenue in Q3 2013 and has successfully received follow-on investment from the Jenson Seed EIS Fund in November 2013. With 20 years industry experience, including ten years as a director of investor relations, Alex envisions ACE as the premier, and ultimately the primary, source of this information worldwide.


Onfido offers a digital platform that provides a verification and referencing system for employers and HR departments. The aim is to streamline this part of the recruitment process and to reduce the amount of employee fraud that takes place in the UK. 

The platform enables organisations to conduct quick and in-depth checks on potential new recruits, incorporating reference checks and employee verification, reducing both the long-term costs of hiring bad recruits and the risk of hiring illegal workers.

Co-founded by two Oxford students Husayn Kassai and Eamon Jubbawy, Onfido is UK’s fastest growing employment background check business. Onfido has raised £500K from angel investors, and its team has grown from four to 18.

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