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FAQs for Funding

When is the next round of Oxford Seed Fund investment?

The 2017-2018 application are now OPEN

What do you look for in potential investments?

We look for companies with:

  1. At least one Oxford-affiliated founder
  2. No more than £100,000 in prior investment
  3. A path to raise a 10x follow-on round within 18 months
How are you involved in companies post-investment?

As we develop The Seed Fund and related entrepreneur development programmes, such as the Oxford VIEW Proramme, we are gathering a network of resources to support entrepreneurs. These include angel investors, mentors, and support for business model development. We do not generally take a Board seat on the companies in which we invest. 

What percentage of my company will the Seed Fund ask for?

Our investments are generally structured as a 0% Convertible Note, which converts into equity at your subsequent funding round. 

Where does my startup have to be located in order to apply?

We will consider companies that are either registered or intending to register in the UK or the United States, regardless of location of operation. 

Do I need to be full-time on my venture?

Once we make an investment, we expect entrepreneurs to make a full-time commitment to their venture. If you are already working on your venture full-time, all the better.

What kind of return expectations does the Seed Fund have?

We invest in companies with the best chance of delivering market-level returns to their investors - including us. If you are confident your venture is ready for funding, then please apply! If you are at an earlier stage with your idea, you may wish to consider applying to participate in the Oxford VIEW programme instead. 

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