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OXEPR 2017

New Approaches to Promoting Entrepreneurship in and around Universities

Information about the 3rd annual OXEPR (May 19th 2017) hosted by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Said Business School, University of Oxford.


  • Gilles Duruflé (Public Policy Forum, Quebec City Conference)
  • Thomas Hellmann (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Karen Wilson (Senior Fellow at Bruegel, Brussels & Affiliate Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford)

In the past university-based entrepreneurship was synonymous with technology transfer, but over the last decade there has been an explosion of novel approaches to promoting university-based entrepreneurship more broadly. Lower costs to launching start-ups, and the decline of traditional career opportunities, have created a more rigorous interest for student-led entrepreneurship. Innovators within and around the universities have responded to this by devising new models of promoting student-led entrepreneurship. Amongst other things, universities and private market actors have responded with newly designed programmes, freshly built spaces, new partnerships, and new financing sources. More recently a diverse set of policy makers have begun to ask whether and how government policy should support these novel initiatives.

This roundtable will bring together selected practitioners, policy makers, and academics to discuss cutting edge approaches from across different parts of Europe and North America, with a view to exploring the role of public policy. The roundtable will focus on an interactive discussion about these leading initiatives, and collectively explore the implications for public policy. 

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