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From Start-up to Scale-up - OXEPR 2015

OXEPR 2015

The 'Financing of Scale-up’ Project at Oxford Saïd is led by Professor Thomas Hellmann, the Academic Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre. It consists of several interrelated research initiatives that analyse the financial obstacles faced by growing start-ups at the important ‘scale-up’ stage.

The project looks at the origins of the scale-up problem, the challenges with the current financial architecture, and potential solutions to helping companies achieve their full growth potential, and the potential role of governments and public policies.

The research was based in part on the 1st Oxford Entrepreneurship Policy Roundtable, which took place in May 2015, under the topic of “From Start-up to Scale-up: Financing Growth”.

Take a look at the Programme and the Slide Deck for this event.

Below are the published papers relating to discussions at the Roundtable event. Click on each title to view and download the PDF file.
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