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From start-up to scale-up

OXEPR 2015

The 1st annual Oxford Entrepreneurship Policy Roundtable (OXEPR) May 29 2015.


  • Gilles Duruflé (President, QCC Public Policy Forum on Venture Capital & Innovation Kick-off speakers)


  • Thomas Hellmann (Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford)
  • Colin Mayer (Professor of Management Studies, Saïd Business School)
  • Karl Reckziegel (Vice President of Operations, Bank of Canada)
  • Maïlys Ferrere (Head of Large Venture Investments, Bpiframce)

A broader overview of the issues facing companies as they grow from start-up to scale-up. Following a short presentation of a conceptual framework for thinking about the issues, selected participants will help kick off the discussions by providing a short overview of some recent research and data. This will be followed by an open discussion with the participants. The key questions addressed in this section exactly what the scale-up problem is, what evidence there is about it, where it is most pertinent, and what the underlying reasons for the problem are.


  • What is the scale-up challenge?

  • What are the main causes of the scale-up problem?

  • What are the manifestations of the problem and its various components? How large is it?

    Does it differ by tech sector and by geography?

  • Is the scale-up problem new? How does it evolve?

  • Why does the location of scale-up matter?