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Oxford Entrepreneurship Policy Roundtable (OXEPR)

Established in 2015 and led by Professor Thomas Hellmann of Saïd Business School, the Oxford Entrepreneurship Policy Roundtable is an annual event designed to bring together senior policy makers, industry players, and academics. The purpose is to discuss in a smaller circle of experts the challenges faced by industry, and the ways that public policy can provide informed support. The event takes a deep dive into one focal topic every year, with the aim of producing valuable insights that participants can take back into their professional activities.

OXEPR 2018 - Cross-border financing of high-growth entrepreneurs: emerging trends & policy implications

OXEPR 2017 - New approaches to promoting entrepreneurship in and around universities

OXEPR 2016 - Equity crowdfunding

OXEPR 2015 - Start-up to scale-up

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