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The Entrepreneurship Centre runs several classes, simulations and projects that feature in Saïd Business School and wider Oxford University degree programmes. These include delivering material or mentoring for the following:

The Entrepreneurship Project

The Entrepreneurship Project (EP) is an integral part of the Oxford MBA and EMBA programme. It challenges participants to develop a full business plan and present it to a panel of invited investors and other practitioners. Completed plans must  be attractive to the professional investor:  the numbers must add up, patents should be in place, the competition must have been understood and a winning strategy developed. For students already running a business, this is a great chance to develop new products or business models and have them rigorously evaluated.

Fuller information on the EP, and details of how non-MBA students can submit an idea for EP consideration can be found here.

Entrepreneurship and innovation classes and electives

The Oxford MBA and EMBA give participants the chance to customise their learning experience to meet individual career goals and aspirations. Electives allow participants to specialise in certain areas gaining depth and breadth across the range of management and business disciplines. Recent elective courses with an entrepreneurial element include: Raising Capital, Entrepreneurial Finance, Technology and Innovation Stratagy and Private Equity.

The centre also hosts the Software Entrepreneurship elective, which is designed to provide students with an holistic understanding of software entrepreneurship. It combines topics covering innovation, business planning, finance, business management as well as software design and digital technology. This relates to the understanding that successful software firms are often characterised by a close alignment of technology and business innovation.

Strategic consulting projects

Towards the end of their course, MBA students have the option to undertake an eight-week consultancy project, in partnership with sponsoring organisations. Building on the skills learned during the course as well as the considerable experience acquired in their earlier careers, the projects give students the opportunity to demonstrate to the examiners their ability to apply their management skills. It also gives employers an opportunity to assess the calibre of possible recruits. Entrepreneurially minded students are encouraged to initiate projects themselves. Further information about such projects can be obtained from the School’s Project's Office.

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Nir Vulkan on EP

Nir Vulkan talks about the Entrepreneurship Project and the impact of research on education