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Welcome from Prof Thomas Hellmann, Academic Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Oxford Saïd

"The Entrepreneurship Centre at Oxford Saïd brings together thought leaders from academia, industry and government to critically discuss current issues in entrepreneurship, as well as to generate new ideas and devise new solutions. This discourse is driven by the academic research at the Saïd School of Business, and addresses a wide range of issues. 

We encourage our students to be entrepreneurial in outlook by drawing on the best, brightest and most current entrepreneurial business thinking from Oxford and beyond."

Professor Thomas Hellmann is the Academic Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre. His areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, venture capital, innovation, contract theory, strategic management and public policy.

Professor Hellmann also spearheads the scale-up project at Oxford Saïd.




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Nir Vulkan on research

I am interested in finding out how entrepreneurs think and work. In particular what they do well and what they do badly. The more we understand the better we can make our courses and training for our students (MBAs and undergraduates).

I am more of a 'micro' person, in that I like to look at individuals and the kind of decisions they make. I favour laboratory and field experiments as it allows me to study individual decision in reasonably controlled environments. 

Nir Vulkan, Research Advisor to the Entrepreneurship Centre