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Agenda 2018

Is Health and Wellness the New Status Symbol?

Supplements, upmarket gym memberships and active wear; the health and wellness sector is booming like never before. The days of cars and designer labels are long gone and people are looking to invest in themselves through physical exercise and internal wellbeing. But is this sudden surge for a limited time only or is the movement here to stay? Join this panel discussion with founders addressing this consumer trend through nutrition, physical exercise, and monitoring health through technology. 

Claire Davenport, Hello Fresh

Will Dean, Tough Mudder

Hamish Grierson, Thriva

Claire Novorol, Ada

The Future of Mobility has Already Begun

50 years ago electric cars were the stuff of fantasy, nowadays the question is whether to buy a Tesla or a BMWi. With the present threat of climate change and overpopulated cities, transportation and the way people move are changing to become smarter, cleaner and faster. Join the game changers in the industry to see what the future holds for mobility and how we can expect to move in the next 50 years. 

Nick Earle, Virgin Hyperloop One

Agne Milukaite, Cycleland

Patrick Nathen, Lilium

Big Data & AI: A 21st Century Gold Mine

In today’s digital world, data is hitting us from all angles. Without data and AI, computers are unable to learn or generate the patterns for why we see certain ads on social media. The more data a computer receives, the more patterns it is able to recognise to give the user a more accurate experience.  Gold and oil are old news and today’s wealth is measured in cryptocurrency, online services and data collection. 

Projjol Banerjea, Zeotap

Joyeeta Das, Gyana

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, Sherpa

Caroline Walerud, Volumental

What Lays Ahead for Government Technology?

Govtech is a disruptive force in the public sector through innovative technology and services for the modern age. However there is still a lack of private companies who make the leap to work with government. This panel includes insights from govtech entrepreneurs, enablers and academics to discuss where govtech will go next.

Daniel Korski, Public

Robyn Scott, Apolitical

Pere Valles, Scytl

Peteris Zilgalvis, DG Connect European Commission

Feeding 9 Billion

The current world population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050. With an existing world food crisis and irresponsible resource management, the demand to develop more sustainable food sources and production methods is higher than ever.  Diet, food miles and distribution of wealth are all under the microscope and with only 30 years to go, the clock is ticking. This panel is joined by entrepreneurs who are working in the field as well as the organisations who are enabling startups to make an impact.  

Robert Opp, Innovation Division World Food Programme (UN)

Tim Rohrich, European Founders Society

Willem Sodderland, Seamore

Ilana Taub, Snact

Spotting Investment Opportunities in an Uncertain World

Whether it’s a VC or an Angel, investment allows an entrepreneur to make significant developments to their venture. But the face of investment is changing and new ways of investing are allowing ventures at all stages to seek financing. This session will share the insight of the individuals representing diverse investment channels and what the opportunities are for entrepreneurs seeking capital. 

Spencer Crawley,

Stephan Morais, Indico Capital Partners

Jenny Tooth, UK Business Angels Association

Joe White, Entrepreneur First