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Ideas to Impact (I2I)

Ideas 2 Impact (I2I) is an enterprise skills initiative convened at the Saïd Business School, with the Entrepreneurship Centre and MPLS enterprise unit, open to postdoctoral researchers in Medical Sciences Division, MPLS division, and some others. 
Please note: this is a different offering from the I2I offered to sciences doctoral students which runs in Hilary Term, in conjunction with the MBA.

The purpose of I2I is to enable science postdoctoral researchers to develop innovation and enterprise expertise, and to access key innovation concepts and build entrepreneurial skills in collaboration with 50 senior corporate and other executives on the EMBA course. The course includes ½ day sessions across 8 days, with the EMBA elective course ‘Strategy & Innovation’ in two week-long blocs:

  • 9-12 January (Sessions 1 to 4)
  • 19-23 February (Sessions 5 to 8)

Readings and case studies are provided.

I2I is led by Dr Marc Ventresca, along with support from the The Entrepreneurship Centre.

The programme includes:

  • Two Executive MBA modules in Hilary on ‘Strategy & Innovation’
  • Full access to the Oxford Foundry
  • Opportunity to work together with Executive MBAs on ventures and/or to develop ideas from the postdoc research/Lab
  • Bespoke sessions for the sciences students


Testimonials from the Michaelmas 2017 alumni 

“The I2I course exceeded all of my expectations. It offered an incredibly unique opportunity to learn from Professor Marc Ventresca about strategy and innovation, and to interact with the EMBA course participants and gain first-hand insights about business language, motivations, and actions."

"The course changed my thinking about entrepreneurship enormously. It was during the course that I made the connection that actually all scientists are entrepreneurs in one way or another. I would absolutely recommend the course for other postdocs.”

 “I would have no hesitation recommending the course to fellow postdocs. The course provides a ‘business focussed’ perspective on innovation, which is often lost when entrenched within academic research. This would benefit a range of researchers interacting with business and markets.”