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Global Shapers Community collaborates with Saïd Business School

The Global Shapers Community (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. The Global Shapers Community exist to help young leaders to self-organize for impact and to ensure that young leaders are integrated into processes that shape the local, regional and global agendas. The community numbers about 4,500 operating over 400 Hubs in over 160 countries worldwide.

Interviewed for their ‘Talking Davos’ session at the World Economic Forum Peter Tufano, Dean of Saïd Business School, announced a collaboration with Global Shapers. The agreement brings together two complementary organisations that are working to create new solutions to address world-scale social, environmental, political and economic challenges.

Current MBA student and Global Shaper Daniel Drummer summed up how  the collaboration would benefit his peers: ‘Global Shapers are addressing global challenges. Across borders and cultures Shapers work together to create new solutions and combine a special passion with entrepreneurial drive. This is exactly what the Oxford MBA is about. Saïd Business School is a fast pace and demanding business school environment - but also embedded in the broader Oxford University. This year we are tackling the big issues of Big Data and Water Scarcity. And to find solutions to these issues we involve people from all academic fields, from medicine to computer science or psychology. Oxford teaches to think beyond the obvious - just as Global Shapers do.”

The School will offer two exclusive full scholarships to Global Shapers to attend the Oxford MBA and Shapers will be able to apply for the other scholarship funding available to students. 

Watch Peter Tufano's ‘Talking Davos- Day 1’ interview here (begins at 49:28).