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Self-organising Adaptive Technology Underlying Resilient Networks (SATURN)

SATURN (Self-organising Adaptive Technology underlying Resilient Networks)

Large-scale service-based and ICT networks are increasingly the basis for critical UK infrastructure and economic activity. However, there is an urgent need to develop and extend the underlying science and engineering principles required to support such complex systems.

In particular, the drive towards service oriented computing (SOC), creates an ideal opportunity to utilise self-organising networks that are an order-of-magnitude more resilient and dependable than current systems.

In order to manage growing system complexity the SATURN programme demonstrated how self-managing services can enable the rapid discovery and fusion of critical network data feeds in real-time. SATURN also developed novel tools and techniques for visualising and understanding the complex interdependencies between the service layer, and the underlying physical networks.

There are a broad range of public and private enterprise-scale complex networks that would benefit from an enhanced scientific and technical capability in this domain. For example, in aiding the design and system integration of traffic sensor networks and self-managing information services, this could help reduce traffic congestion on a significant scale.

The management and exploitation of the interdependencies between complex networks, specifically cyber and physical, will be one of the key technical challenges of the coming decades.

Alexandra Brintrup, Elizabeth Leicht, Eduardo López, Felix Reed-Tsochas (Principal Investigator)

Project funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

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