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Forecasting Financial Crises (FOC)

The focus of the research is to significantly improve our understanding of systemic risk in financial markets and if possible to forecast global financial instabilities. FOC aims to provide a novel, integrated, and network-oriented approach to understanding financial crises. This includes a theoretical framework for measuring systemic risk in global financial markets and financial networks, and a collaborative ICT platform for monitoring systemic fragility and the propagation of financial distress across institutions and markets around the world. This will enable experts to evaluate different algorithms and models for forecasting financial crises, and make it possible to visualise possible future scenarios interactively.

Austin Gerig, Nicholas Sabin, Phillip Staniczenko, Felix Reed-Tsochas (Principal Investigator)

For more information about FOC, please visit our research projects website

Project funded by the European Commission's FET Open Scheme for ICT