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The Centre welcomes visitors who contribute to the research and other activites of the Centre. However, we receive many requests to visit and we are not able to accommodate more than a small number of visitors.

If you would like to visit the Centre, please email your CV and a description of your planned research to Dorota Pawlik.The academic members of the Centre review proposals from interested parties twice a term, in line with Business School procedures. Proposals for visits will be considered after the following dates:

15 September
15 December
15 March

If you wish to spend more than a month at the Centre it is normally necessary to give a term's notice of your visit. This will allow us to complete the necessary administrative process in the Business School.

The Business School levies a fee for visitors of £750. Visitors who need visas to visit the UK must arrange this themselves.

If you have any queries, please contact Dorota Pawlik in the first instance.



CABDyN Complexity Centre
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