Nicola Green

A witness to power: from Obama to the Dalai Lama

Art at Oxford Saïd's latest exhibition talk

Globally acclaimed Artist and Social Historian Nicola Green will discuss her role as witness to some of the most seminal events of our times.

Green will discuss the intersection of art, heritage and power, through the lens of her seminal works In Seven Days… and Encounters.

Green will share her experiences gaining remarkable access to iconic figures from the worlds of religion, politics and culture, including Pope Francis, President Obama, Archbishop of Canterbury and the Dalai Lama.

About the speaker

Nicola Green is an artist with a career spanning 25 years. Her work combines painting, drawing, collage, silk screen printing, gilding, photography and textile design. Green is a powerful story-teller known for her legacy and heritage art works, and she has established an international reputation for her ambitious projects that change perceptions about identity and power; exploring themes of race, spirituality, gender, sexuality and leadership. 

Driven by her belief in the power of the visual image to communicate important human stories, Green frequently assumes the role of witness to momentous occasions taking place across the globe. Inspired by her own mixed-heritage children and multi-faith family, she is committed to creating and preserving religious, social, and cultural heritage for future generations. 

Green gained unprecedented access to Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign producing her acclaimed work  In Seven Days… She co-founded, directed and exhibited in the Diaspora Pavilion, an initiative delivering mentoring and professional development for emerging artists and curators from racially and culturally diverse backgrounds. Green’s most recent project Encounters is a ground-breaking exhibition of over fifty portraits of the world’s most prominent religious leaders. 'Encounters' is accompanied by a significant academic book Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue with essays by leading global scholars, theologians and art historians.