Why Oxford: the Executive Diploma experience

About the event

The Oxford experience is far more than just world-class teaching.

Join Recruitment Executive Joe Parton to find out how you, a future 'Oxonian', can benefit from everything an Oxford Executive Diploma education has to offer.

Whether you are thinking about enrolling, or have already commenced your application for one of our 2025 diploma cohorts, this event will help you to:

  • uncover the history of Saïd Business School and understand our innovative role within an ancient seat of learning
  • gain a preview of the Oxford community as a home for world-leading academics, progressive initiatives and innovative startups
  • showcase our distinguished faculty and alumni
  • understand how as a new Oxonian, you can fully experience Oxford both inside and outside of the classroom
  • see where an Oxford diploma may take you

Register for this online event today and let us show you how to start your Oxford Saïd journey.