Why organisations need trades unions: what they don’t teach you on the MBA

About the event

Panel discussion with Sam Gurney, Trades Union Congress.

Over the last 30 years labour’s share of national income in the has fallen steadily across most developed countries but most dramatically in the UK and USA. We have seen growing wage inequality. We have also seen declining productivity. Indeed, the UK’s record is particularly poor. Research shows that trades unions can serve to increase levels of productivity and their share of income. So, why are employers not doing more to recognise unions and develop better quality work that can generate higher productivity and wages? Are Business Schools partly to blame? Recent research has shown that CEOs with MBAs are more likely to decrease workers’ pay when they take over leadership of a firm (c6%).

In this talk Sam Gurney will set out why unions are important and how organisations can work with them to build workplaces with better quality jobs, better pay and higher productivity.