Alice Kettle

Threads of change

Alice Kettle and Professor Brandon Taylor

Art at Oxford Saïd - Exhibition opening talk

In her role as Professor at Manchester School of Art, Alice Kettle has researched the meeting place of traditional analogue stitching skills and digitised contemporary methodologies. She has developed a unique practice, creating textile works which employ a combination of stitch techniques, bringing together the use of antique machines from early last century with hand stitch and contemporary digital technology.


Amongst the works are a new series of portraits being shown at Saïd Business School which are communally stitched work, co-created with women from Pakistan – work that has been co-funded by Saïd Business School and Candida Stevens Gallery. This communal way of working reflects the ability of stitch to intersect across divided spaces and connect with others through a common language of making. These new works create a quiet space for action where stitch can encounter what it means to be human. The works simultaneously explore individual and collective identity, divided and shared through social, political and economic circumstances.

Art at Oxford Saïd

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