Stakeholder versus shareholder capitalism: The great debate

Should corporate leaders manage their companies for all their stakeholders or just their shareholders?

Leadership in extraordinary times

Join Professor A. Lucian Bebchuk of the Harvard Law School and Professor Colin Mayer, CBE of Saïd Business School, Oxford as they debate one of the great controversies in business today – should it be governed and run for shareholder or stakeholder interests? 

Following the Business Roundtable declaration on the purpose of the corporation in August of last year, the shareholder primacy view of the firm has been thrown into question around the world.  Should it be or should it remain as the dominant concept of the firm?  

Professors Bebchuk and Mayer have written extensively on this topic from different perspectives.  Professor Renee B Adams of Saïd Business School will chair what promises to be an enthralling and informative debate.

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