Skoll World Forum 2021

About the event

A virtual event for everyone dedicated to social progress enabling the global community to explore ways to work together to affect real change.

The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, produced by the Skoll Foundation, has gone virtual. The programme will be the usual mix of plenaries, sessions and networking activities but hosted on a virtual conference space, bringing us together from all around the world. This year’s theme, ‘Closing the Distance,’ examines local and global divides as we work together to build bridges. Together, we will explore ways to close the distance between the world’s toughest challenges and the innovative solutions that aim to build a better future for all.  

The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship will be hosting two sessions as part of the main Forum programme. These will look at ‘the who’ and ‘the how’ of systems change work, bringing together different perspectives from our Oxford community, and beyond, to unpack this topic. These two sessions are: 

  • Agents of Change: Aligning system perspectives for action  
  • Cultivating System Leaders for an Age of Pandemics. Using the lens of leadership lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic.