Research Insights in Medical Science

About the event

Research Insights is a series of lunchtime sessions highlighting the fascinating research going on across the University of Oxford.

Over lunchtime on 12 February, start-up Albus Health will be coming in to share their entrepreneurial journey.

Albus Health is one of the fastest growing spin-out companies from Oxford, developing home monitoring systems to predict and prevent asthma attacks. With the founding team having expertise in machine learning, electrical engineering and medical sciences, they take a cross-disciplinary approach to solving one of the largest unmet needs in healthcare.

150 million people in the world suffer from at least one potentially life-threatening asthma attack in a year, while some more than six. Preventable asthma attacks cause morbidity and mortality, with related costs up to several billions on each continent. The key reason why preventable attacks continue to happen is that patients fail to identify early warning signs and that current monitoring solutions are highly ineffective in flagging them up.

Albus have developed a completely automated and real-time system that monitors asthma symptoms at home using a non-contact table-top device (similar to Alexa) which continuously picks up respiratory symptoms without the patients having to do anything. Since incorporating In November 2017, they grown considerably with over £1.2m in funding through multiple InnovateUK grants and investments from Oxford University Innovation and Oxford Sciences Innovation.

The objective of the sessions is for attendees to have insight into other divisions, their research and areas of innovation. The sessions provide the opportunity to network with academics, as well as access to possible ideas and allows researchers from these divisions to share their work and have individuals approach this from diverse perspectives.

Registration is free.