Oxford Sustainable Private Markets Conference 2023

About the event

The conference objective is to advance academic research with a view to supporting change by industry participants as well as policy makers.

The overarching goal is to reimagine private markets to achieve fair return on invested capital, but also serve the greater public interest as well as the stakeholders of private markets by looking beyond the portfolio companies and examining the net effect and impact on larger public interest considerations.

The event provides a unique opportunity to bring multi-disciplinary experts, academics and practitioners together to exchange their experience and their research in building tomorrow’s financial markets.

The conference will include policy makers, investors and representatives of corporations, academics, researchers, foundations and more.

Please note that certain banks and financial institutions count participation in the conference towards annual continuing professional development (CPD) hours for their FCA registered employees.


Thanks to the Oxford Private Equity Institutefor sponsoring the event.

Conference and dinner registration

The conference dinner will be held at Oxford University’s prestigious Museum of Natural History on Thursday 14 September. Drinks reception at 7pm, followed by dinner at 7.30pm. 

The conference will be held on Friday 15 September at Saïd Business School.

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