Menopause in the workplace: not just the 51%

Creating the climate for change, as part of International Women's Day

The impact of this time - on the person, their life, their work and how managers and colleagues can support this from a personal perspective.

Why is it important to talk about the menopause? While 51% of the population will go through the menopause, it could be said 100% of the population will experience it directly or indirectly.

How could it affect you? What are the symptoms? How could you help colleagues? How do we help to stop the flood of experienced women leaving the workplace due to a lack of understanding and support?

Join this event to hear from this experienced panel about their personal stories, one in the public eye, clinical facts and the options relating to treatment - medical, complementary, lifestyle and non-medical.

This is an event for all, a time for allyship. We are all born of someone who will go through the menopause. Please join us and learn how to improve the outlook in the workplace in the future.