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Leading with confidence in an age of disruption

About this webinar

This virtual taster lecture will give you a glimpse of life as an Oxford MBA student

Considering the Oxford MBA or Oxford 1+1 MBA? Our virtual taster lectures hosted by our world-class faculty will offer you a glimpse into life as an Oxford MBA student.

Hosted by Michael Smets, Professor of Management, this taster lecture will focus on leading with confidence in an age of disruption: how to harness the power of doubt.

One of the great leadership paradoxes of our time is that in a world characterised by volatility and uncertainty, we are expected to lead with ever greater confidence and conviction. Are we setting ourselves up to fail? How do we close the widening gap between what others expect of us and what we feel comfortable to deliver? How do we protect ourselves from negative spirals of self-doubt in the face of more and more challenging leadership environments? In short: How do we harness the Power of Doubt?

Much of the leadership literature focuses on leaders’ confidence and conviction, but completely ignores the inconvenient truth where the journey started: From a moment of doubt!

Drawing on interviews with over 150 corporate CEOs and workshops with several thousand senior executives, Michael will explore how we can harness the power of doubt to make better decisions, have better conversations and build deeper relationships.