Leadership in extraordinary times

This is not a time for business as usual. It is a time for business unusual.

We need to think about the world in which we find ourselves, and also the world we want to build as we emerge from a pandemic and an economic crisis.

This calls for a new kind of leadership. Leadership in extraordinary times.

In this series, we share research insights and hear from those on the frontline of the crisis.

Covering topics ranging from rapid innovation to wellbeing to building resilience in public health, this series helps leaders respond to unprecedented turmoil.

Upcoming events


The great decoupling? The future of relations between China and the West

Tuesday 9 March, 2pm

What will be the new 'normal' for the global economy after the global pandemic ends? While the world has been battling the health, social, and economic consequences of COVID-19, one of the foundational planks of the global economy—China’s relationship with the West—has continued to shift. The panel will discuss the motivations driving the globalisation of Chinese technology firm, the motivations driving the response of Western countries, and possible paths forward.

Previous events


Social innovation and social justice in an age of pandemics

Cheryl Dorsey in conversation with Peter Drobac

Cheryl and Peter are both doctors working to treat society’s greatest challenges. They will discuss the entangled pandemics of Covid-19 and inequality, recent events in Washington DC, and why the world needs social entrepreneurs now more than ever.


Navigating the next normal: a view from female leaders 

Hosted by Professor Sue Dopson, the panel will consider the impact of the pandemic on leadership styles and how the influence of female leaders has changed.

Speakers: Kathryn Bishop, Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith and Dame Vivian Hunt


How capital markets can take sustainability to the next level

Moderated by Clara Barby, the session will be based around the high profile debate about how corporations should be presenting their ESG debits/credits as part of their standard financial reporting and the adoption of a global set of standards for this reporting.

Panellists: Sandra Boss, Elizabeth Corley, Tajinder Singh and Richard Barker



The bold ones - high-impact entrepreneurs

Pinar Ozcan, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in conversation with Linda Rottenberg, CEO of Endeavour, a global network that links and nurtures high level impact entrepreneurs. They discuss the evolution of high impact entrepreneurship, why it’s more important than ever and Linda talks about some of her favourite examples from the start ups that Endeavour has invested in over the years.