Just transitions and net zero: people, organisations and places

About the event

Convening leading scholars, policy and practice experts for an in-depth discussion on the pursuit of net zero.

How can we better understand net zero as part of a just transition from the point of view of people, different forms of organisation and regions?

The pursuit of net zero is the dominant articulation of business’s responsibility in taking climate action. Materially reducing carbon emissions is undoubtedly a positive contribution to limiting climate change.

However, the emergence of the recognition of greater declared ambition in commitment than practice (greenwashing), and the increasing realisation that net zero is not as straightforward as it might at first seem, points to the value of contextualising net zero more systematically in order better to understand the related issues from multiple perspectives.

This workshop was particularly concerned with considering a just transition to net zero, highlighting its relationship to people (ie workers, consumers, communities), organisational types and regional places. While scholarship will be at the heart of the event, responses will be invited from leading figures from business, policy and education.

The afternoon built on previous related net zero events including 'Strategy for a net zero future' and 'Path to net zero' - Why and how for financial markets’ both held at Oxford Saïd in 2022.

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