Julian Wild at work

'Janus' the two faced Roman god of beginnings, transitions and endings

Art at Oxford Saïd - new exhibition talk.

An interpretation of the god who was understood to be able to see the past and future.

Julian Wild in conversation with Sky Arts presenter Kate Bryan, discussing the ideas behind his solo exhibition ‘Janus’. 

Wild and Bryan will be discus how he has taken on the theme of the ability to see the past and future by re-imaging existing sculptures into new forms specifically for this exhibition. It was this characteristic that led sculptor Julian Wild to borrow the name for the title of his solo exhibition.

Wilds' 20+ year career has seen him achieve critical and commercial success with work held in notable public and private collections. In 2013 he was elected by his peers as Vice President of the Royal Society of Sculptors, a position he still holds. Then in 2017 he unveiled Origin, his most ambitious sculpture to date and the largest public sculpture in Oxford, commissioned by the Li Ka Shing Big Data Institute and the University of Oxford.

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