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The Impact of Foreign Acquisitions on Wages

A CBT Research Seminar presented by Dr Tuomas Kosonen

Dr Tuomas Kosonen from the Labour Institute for Economic Research will present a seminar on The Impact of Foreign Acquisitions on Wages

Dr Tuomas Kosonen (Labour Institute of Economic Research, Helsinki) will present his paper on The Impact of Foreign Acquisitions on Wages. The paper is co-authored by David Autor (MIT), Matti Sarvimäki (Aalto University) and Tuomo Virkola (EUI and LIER).

An abstract of the paper is given below:

We study the effects of foreign takeovers on firm performance, skill premium and compensation practices following Finland's deregulation of foreign ownership in the mid-1990s. We find large effects on wages at the industry and local labor-market level with an identification strategy using foreign ownership patterns in Sweden to instrument acquisitions in Finland. We find more modest increases in wages at firm-level using event-studies. The comparison of labor-market and firm-level results suggests that foreign ownership has spillover effects to firms remaining domestically-owned.

The Seminar will be held in the Boardroom. 

Anyone wishing to attend should contact cbt@sbs.ox.ac.uk