Help end everyday racism at Oxford

The axe forgets, the tree remembers

Methodology of solidarity to end everyday racism and imagining what could work to help end everyday racism.

Professor Sue Dopson will host colleagues from Cambridge University and Oxford University during Race Equality Week to discuss experiences of, and actions to end, everyday racism. The evening's discussion will be opened by Professor Irene Tracey, CBE, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University.

Building a methodology of solidarity to end everyday racism at Cambridge

Mónica G. Moreno Figueroa and Ella McPherson from the End Everyday Racism team at Cambridge University will outline the collective and supportive story making approach they pioneered in their work and some of the institutional challenges they encountered.


In July 2021 Mindy Chen-Wishart, Oxford University, launched the #RaceMeToo social media campaign drawing attention to the pervasive, injurious racism experienced every day by Black and other minority ethic staff and students in universities. She will argue we need to recognise and addressing our own institutional and individual behaviours that perpetuate these more subtle varieties of racism.

Imagining the work that could help end everyday racism

Kamaldeep Bhui will respond to the two earlier talks by drawing on his collaborative work bringing together patient, public and professional narratives to promote leadership and systems change to tackle structural disadvantage. He imagines a future that will connect activists and organisers with each other to address everyday racism.


  • Professor Mindy Chen-Whishart, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
  • Associate Professor Mónica G. Moreno Figueroa, University of Cambridge
  • Associate Professor Ella McPherson, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Kamaldeep Bhui, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford